Between here and now


A multi-disciplinary choreography directed by Andee Scott that integrates dance, video design and 3-D digital mapping, video projection, set design, costume design, poems, sound design and live music , in order to investigate the emotional resonance of the perception of light or its absence in relation to the performers, audience and performance space.

This project happened as an international collaboration between Dance Linkages (Florida) and Proyecto al Margen (Guadalajara, Mexico).

Artistic director and choreographer: Andee Scott / Dancers and movement co-creators: Karen de Luna, Natalia Vázquez and Megan Wors / Original music and sound design: Diego Martínez Lanz / Digital mapping and interactivity: Ricardo Arzola / Costumes design: AmyBurrell / Dramaturgy:  Clare Croft / Poetry: Kimberly Alidio / Photos: Ricardo Arzola