Body and Time: EROSION


Performance in which we reflect on the individual and collective actions that build our idea of time… “Only through our bodies do we exist for the world and on it, we trace our entire life. We sunbathe, we brush our teeth, we take a nap on the couch, we walk in a hurry, we drink water before going to sleep, the wind among the trees, the sun on a building, the river running among stones, a spider in the garden, the infinite ocean. In our bodies we embody the qualities of time. It will be then, the time in humanity or humanity in time.”

This project was developed and showed at the Arroniz building, current headquarter of the Department of Culture of Jalisco, and it arises from the artistic residency lead by Jorge Vargas (RRUFF) and Carlos Andrés Zenteno (CAZEPI) within the program Aprendedores, with the collaboration of sound artists, actors and movement artists who work together in order to build a piece where media art and live action converge in a unique time and space.

Music: Jorge Vargas (resident artist), Alejandro Benítez and César de Alba / Visuals and lighting: Carlos Andrés Zenteno (resident artist) / Performers: Ana Karen Sahagún (dramaturgy and stage direction), Natalia Vázquez (choreographic direction), Frank Durán and Benedek Mendoza / Photographs: Ana Cristina Rodríguez