Mobilitydirected mainly to adults who because of their habits, lack of time, injuries or chronic pain have stopped moving, suffering the physical and psychological consequences of a sedentary lifestyleWe work with principles of natural movement patterns, body awareness and the reorganization of muscular chains, based on the Feldenkrais method and somatic education techniques as well as functional training exercises to gain or recover coordination, strength and balance.

Training tools, a series of possibilities for improvisation and kinetic training aimed for people with previous approach to a discipline of movement, not necessarily dance, or people interested in dig into their capacities and creativity in motion. We play with sequences of movement, approaches to the floor, rhythms, joint mobility, perception, coordination, memory, strength, contact and group dynamics.

Impro & dancethese classes are similar to the Training tools program but with a more dancistic and choreographic approach, they are designed for people with some technical bases in dance, gymnastics, circus or martial art and with an interest for improvisation an choreographic compositions. We work on the construction of sequences of movement and progressions, dance phrases, partnering and individual and group improvisations, seeking to expand our capacity for attention, listening and response.